Membership Benefits


Membership Benefits

Today more than ever, acquiring and retaining key talent and maintaining a mobile workforce in a global economy is a balancing act.  Managing employee and corporate needs in a cost-effective manner frequently presents challenges to the professionals tasked with supporting employee relocations and shorter-term assignments.  As companies seek to capitalize on having the right talent in the right location, taking a holistic view of employee mobility is a strategic need.  

The St. Louis Regional Employee Relocation Council provides a forum and networking resources to share ideas, best practices and policy trends to balance cost management with talent mobility.  No matter how many assignments or relocations you manage, member in the STLERC can help you formulate the most effective plan and strategy for your organization.

Additional benefits of becoming a STLERC member:

  • Members only have log-in access to STLERC membership roster
  • Members can maintain their individual profiles for speedy communication by STLERC (primarily via e-mail)
  • Members only have access to STLERC Meeting Presentations and handouts
  • Members only can automatically renew membership and pay on-line with a click of a mouse

Members only have access to the STLERC discussion (chat) forum which will be activated when topics merge warranting feedback or discussion


If you are interested in becoming an individual member click here:






 Becoming a Member....

How do I become a member of the STLERC?
Corporate representatives may join without any restrictions. Service providers are restricted to two members of their firm to join STLERC.A prospective member will register via the website and submit their individual information which includes: name, address, phone numbers, e-mail and organization. Once a prospective member submits their application on line, their membership status remains in a "pending” status for STLERC Board review. Upon review by the Board, the response to the prospective member will be notified via e-mail.

Membership Dues & Payment (New members) 

The annual membership fee for all members has been waived. 

The membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st.

Membership Renewal
At the end of the membership year, the member in Active Status will receive notification via e-mail that it is time to renew their membership. 

Communication to the Membership
All communications regarding STLERC meetings & industry updates will be conducted through e-mail and the STLERC web site. Any questions can be directed to anyone listed on the STLERC Board of Directors or to